Hydro Jal Fuel

Hydro Jal Fuel which is also Know as Water in Diesel, It is an alternative fuel for motor engines. Hydro Jal Fuel can be used in almost any Motor existing engine setup without any additional Engine modification.

Go Green Hydro Jal Fuel is a highly stable emulsion of water and fuel with innovative blending technology.

Go Green Hydro Jal Fuel can be used without any Engine modification, which will give the same performance as normal fuel. Hydro Jal Fuel may effectively reduce the formation of NOx emission with improved engine torque. A decrease in temperature of the combustion products will lead to a drop in NOx formation. In Go Green Hydro Jal Fuel by the presence of water the additional force act on the piston top surface due to the pressure exerted by the steam and result in better engine torque and power.