Our Team

Our team

  • Naveen Pawar – Managing Director
  • Krishnasa Pawar – Director
  • Priya Motilal Miskin – Director
  • Srinivas Mahendrakar – Chief Financial Officer
  • Ravi Kelkar – Chief Marketting Officer
  • Sheshagirirao Kulkarni – Manager-CRM

Naveen Pawar

Qualification: Diploma in Computers

Experience: Jewellery Business (Family business) MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange) Trading-cum-clearing members (“TCM”)
since 2007, TCM(Stock Broker and Self Clearing Member) Analyst in Commodity forex trading, Stock market,
Future market(Technical and Fundamental Analysis) Software development in live pricing,
analysis Live market Software.and currently he is Founder and Managing director of Gogreen Bio Energy India Pvt Ltd.

Ravi Kelkar

Qualification: IIT Kanpur

Experience: Technical Director at Deltamike Speciality Products Pvt Ltd and IOC, Retail, IE, Petroleum, Lub

Srinivas Mahendrakar

Qualification:  Charted Accountant

Experience: Srinivas Mahendrakar is having wast 15 experience in corporate Accounts and financial management.
Currently Srinivas Mahendrakar is leading financial team as Chief Financial officer.

  • Income Tax
  • Central Excise
  • Sales Tax/VAT/GST
  • Accounting
  • Financial Services
  • Project Financing
  • Served as Secretary of Davangere CA Students Association
  • Served as President of Davangere CA Students Association
  • Completed position of Secretary of DAVANGERE CA ASSOCIATION
  • Completed position of President of DAVANGERE CA ASSOCIATION
  • Director of Amba Bhavani Co-Operative Bank, Davangere
Sheshagirirao Kulkarni

Qualification: Graduation in Computer Sciences

Experience: Sheshagirirao Kulkarni is having hands on experience in Admnistration and CRM.
Worked in CRM platform for MPS Limited leading Publishing company for 10 years. Currently handling customer queries and CRM.