Manufacturing of Biodiesel

We are into manufacturing of Biodiesel,we have highly sophisticated plant with a capacity of 30,000ltrs per day.


Manufacturer of Biodiesel Plant

We are into manufacturing of Biodiesel plant under turn-key project.We manufacture plant with different variants viz.,10000 ltr/day, 30000 ltr/day, 100000 ltr/day and also megha plants as per requirements of plant.


Raw Materials

We are into business of supplying required raw materials to Biodiesel manufacturers.We collect used cooking oil from various counters.We do have collection centres for non-edible oil seeds.We supply raw materials to our Bio diesel manufacturers.

Save The Planet!

India is currently the world’s 4th largest emitter of greenhouse gases,and its transport sector accounts for 13% of the country’s energy-related CO2 emissions (MoEF, 2010).GOGREEN Bio Fuel is the best alternative and renewable fuel for the Green Environment and for clean economy

We Provide Energy

To many clients like government, homes and offices


Less than the HSD Market Price


Optimum Power

Better Performance


Mileage Sustained

Better Cetane Number


B100 Fuel Standards

ASPM D6751 American Standard and EN14214 Euro Standards


Less Maintenance

Longer Life to Engine


We Fight Polution

20% Extra Engine Oil Life


We Think About The Consumer

Engine Life Increases


We Care About Envirement

Reduced Engine Sound

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Have a Green Drive for Green Environment. Be Part of an ECO friendly Vision


gogreenbioenergy.com Bioethanol refers to ethanol liquid which is made from common crops including sugar cane and corn. It is considered an alternative to petroleum and diesel and its popularity is emerging as a fuel for cars, it is particularly well established in Brazil. Email: [email protected] Registered Office: Go Green Bioenergy India Pvt Ltd. Power Building, Marathagalli main Road Harihar, Davanagere Dist Karnataka. Phone : 08047277750 Toll Free : 18001023250

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Our Latest News

The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas celebrated 'World Biofuel Day' on Monday with Minister Dhramendra Pradhan announcing the availability of high-speed diesel(HSD) blended with bio-diesel at select outlets around the country. This is the first name in india that biofuel-blended diesel will be sold in retail outlets. ``Diesel was first used 122 years ago in 1893,and today we are announcing thatbio-diesel will be available in the market,`` Mr.Pradhan said at the event in Delhi. ``If,at the moment,we blend each litre of diesel with 5 percent of bio-diesel,then we would need 3.5 million tonnes of bio-diesel per year.The current capacity is of 1 million tinnes,``he said. Recently, the Ministry had permitted the sale of bio-diesel to bulk consumers such as the Railways,shipping and road transport corporations.''Bio-diesel can be made through a lot of biomass material.Currently,most of this material is considered waste by farmers,``Mr.Pradhan said. The Great advantage of using bio-diesel is that it not only reduces carbon emissions,but also provides farmers with an additional source of income by making their waste biomass into something marketable.``This has the potential to be a game-changer for farmers and for the supply of bio-diesel in the country,``he said. Mr.Pradhan said there was no decision yet on whether bio-diesel would be included in the proposed Goods and Services Tax.``But we are in talks with states to come up with a uniform tax regime on bio-diesel,a single band in which all states tax the fuel,``he said.He also added that the Ministry had given tenders to companies for the supply of bio-diesel.

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