How we fill demand?

Go Green Hydro Jal Fuel is in house patented technology. Hydro Jal fuel works on model, company owned and distributor operated model.
Distributors will be provided with exclusive additives and water with licensed machine with smart connectivity and can be controlled by company. With producing capacity of 2 to 5 thousand litres per hour.

Go Green Hydro Jal fuel is to be only processing and not into sale of any fuels.
Below products can be processed, HSD, Biodiesel or Industrial purpose oil, LDO, Furnace oil etc. on demand of consumer.

Our Technology works on-site and off-site processing units.

A Bulk consumer can setup his own processing unit at his site which comes under area distributor.

Company will provide billing and software solution to go paperless to save nature.

The processing device is licensed and device is completely automated with smart connectivity for better performance and monitor pollution reduction.