How We Collect Your Used Cooking Oil

You can choose to have your Waste Cooking Oil collected in:


The container in which you bought the new oil…

Go Green BioEnergy will collect Used Vegetable Oil

  • 20 litre containers – made out of tin or plastic covered with a cardboard sleeve.
  • 15 litre containers – made out of tin.
For larger users…

Indian BioEnergy can also supply:

  • 1000 litre IBC tanks – base measuring 120cm x 100cm, and the height of 110cm, with a 15cm opening in the middle of the tank – which are supplied on a pallet and can be lifted & moved around using a Fork Lift Truck
  • 220 litre opened topped containers – measuring 90cm tall x 60cm diameter – can be used where access is good and the barrel is stored on concrete

This is popular as it means the containers don’t have to be disposed of separately – even when full, the containers can still be moved around easily.

All the containers which Go Green BioEnergy supplies are reused – they are washed out after use, and supplied clean for refilling with Waste Used Cooking Oil.