FAQ for Retail outlet

1 What is the power capacity required for Bio-Diesel Retailoutlet
2 What is the staff required for RO? 2
3 Water requirement for utility purpose? Yes, Required
4 What is the Advance amount to be paid by the Customer to the company for RO delership 3,00,000 (Three lacs ruppes only)
5 What is the duration for RO Setup One month
6 How many Bio Diesel RO are there in India 10
7 How  frequently  Biodiesel supplied to RO weekley or as and when stock cleared
8 Is the Loan facility is there for Investment? Yes
9 What clearences required for RO? NH Authority, Measurement Department, Permission from Grampanchayat
10 Which Product sold in the  RO-? Go Green Fuel
11 What will be the term of Rent or Lease of the Industrial of the land / RO 7 Years
12 Who are our Competitors My Eco Energy
13 What is  a future of Bio-Diesel
14 Where is your blending station
15 Is  Bio-Diesel cheaper than normal Diesel? Yes, 2Rs less than HSD
16 Is  Bio-Diesel compatiable with all engine vehicles? Yes
17 How the sales record of RO is mainteained? Through online software
18 What is the guaranteed commision for Bio-Diesel per ltr Rs. 1.50/Liter
19 Can company provide cumulative training  & hiring resources Yes
20 How much space required for RO setup 45meter X 45meter
21 Is land to be converted to commercial? Commercial
22 How many dispenser will be installed? One Dispenser with two Nozzles
23 Does the storage tank fixed underground? No, Tank will be installed overground
24 What will be storage tank capacity? 23,000 Liter
25 Who will be paying the rent of Land of RO? Up to 10,000/- Go Green will pay
26 Who will be paying the deposit amount of Land of RO? Dealer has to pay
27 How to handle/deposit the collected cash everyday? Through onlin e billing software, end of the day cash has to be deposited to GGB Account
28 Any problems arises using Bio Diesel No
29 What are Indian Standards
30 What are Euro standards 6
31 What are American Standards
32 what is Brand for Retail Outlet Go Green Fuel
33 Bio Diesel Retail Outlet Equipments Supplied Dispenser, Office box, Sign board, Storage tank, Canopy
34 What is the total Investments for RO 30 Lacs
35 Who has to take care of Civil work? Dealer