Our Standards

Production of high quality Biodiesel is fundamental to Go Green Bioenergy.

All road fuels are subject to strict quality controls and are vital to maintain standards and provide authorities with the ability to assess safety risks and environmental pollution. For example regular mineral diesel is subject to the EN 590 standard. In 1997 the European Committee for Standardisation was given the task to develop a uniform standard for Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME). The result was the EN 14214 specification.

The introduction of this standard in 2004 is valid for all member states of the European Union. In particular this standard gives engine and automobile makers the ability to give warranties to those vehicles which run on Biodiesel. At present a limit of 5% FAME is allowed in EN 590 diesel. This 5% must conform to the EN14214 standard.

Go Green Bioenergy follows strict procedures in the production of our Biodiesel to achieve EN14214 and each batch is tested on site, to ensure compliance. Every six months a sample is analysed by an external laboratory to ensure compliance.